We no longer offer party bookings, but if you wish to visit the park with a group of people please read the information below:

  • Please arrive as a group at the entrance. Arrange a meeting point in one of our three car-parks, and only those planning on entering the park to enter our reception please.
  • Please do NOT meet outside the entrance if you have more than ten adults and children. This blocks the entrance and is difficult to enter the park with wheelchairs and buggies.
  • Please ensure children do not jump onto the fenced off area outside the entrance, and run across the car-park. This is planted with bulbs that get broken.
  • Adults waiting to collect children are welcome to use the tables outside the entrance if there is seating available. Please request that those waiting for children do not wait in inside areas.
  • Give your phone number to all parents to ensure those who need to collect early (or may be late) can contact you.
  • Preferably, have a child collection point away from the park entrance. Perhaps arrange collection in the same area you originally had for your meeting point.
  • Rangers Diner menus can be viewed here:  if you wish to take orders from your guests in advance. To ensure we can produce larger numbers near the time requested, please order on arrival. We cannot take food orders prior to the day of visit.
  • We are unable to reserve seating.
  • If you wish to bring a cake this will need to be eaten on outside picnic tables. Please bring your own plates / napkins and knife as we cannot share equipment in the current climate. We can no longer store your cake.
  • Please ensure all containers, wrappings, napkins etc. are placed in one of the many bins provided at the end of your party.
  • Please do not bring pinatas as we are not able to accommodate them.
  • Indoor activities are limited. It is unlikely that larger groups will eb able to access this area together.
  • if you have further questions, please pop us an email or call 482116.