How to find us


aMaizin! Adventure Park is very easy to find!

We are based in the west of the island.

By bus - please take route number 9 visit

By car or bicycle - Postcode JE3 7AX

From town or the harbour, head west along the avenue and follow the road until you get to the junction. Take a right turn up Beaumont Hill and continue in a straight line not forgetting to stop at the filter in turn and the roundabout at the top of the hill!

Keep going straight through St Peter's Village (20 m.p.h.) and past Marks and Spencer on your right hand side. Continue on this road (now La Grande Route De St Pierre) for a few hundred yards and on the right you will see a large sign "AMAIZIN! Adventure Park". Continue to the car-parks. The entrance is also an exit, please take care and drive slowly on the property. We have a 5MPH speed limit in operation on site for your children's safety.

Have a lovely day!

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La Hougue Farm,

La Grande Route de St Pierre,

St Peter,




Tel: 01534 482116



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